About the Al‑Anon Service Center of Tidewater

An Al‑Anon Information Service, also known as an Intergroup, is a local service established and maintained by one or more districts or by groups located close enough to one another for easy access and communication.

Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P-24/27)

The Al‑Anon Service Center of Tidewater, a local non‑profit service organization, is an Al‑Anon information service and literature distribution center.

The Al‑Anon Service Center of Tidewater provides the following services:

  • Provides literature to Al‑Anon groups in Hampton Roads and the Peninsula
  • Maintains a listing in the local telephone directory, providing a telephone number for those seeking information about Al‑Anon and Alateen.
  • Receives mail and phone inquiries and forwards them to the appropriate group for response or follow‑up.
  • In cooperation with the Area Group Records Coordinator, updates, publishes, and distributes lists of group meetings for WSO purposes.
  • Plans and conducts program‑exchange meetings where the groups’ Chairpersons or Program Chairpersons exchange teams of speakers for a scheduled period.
  • Serves as an avenue for local Public Outreach [Public Information (PI), Cooperating with the Professional Community (CPC), and Institutions] work, which is channeled through the districts whenever possible.
  • Maintains a stock of Conference Approved Literature (CAL), and is registered with the WSO as a Literature Distribution Center (LDC) for CAL.
  • Holds periodic meetings attended by all the Information Service Representatives where activity reports, including a financial update, are made and matters regarding the groups are discussed.
  • Distributes its own list of local Al‑Anon/Alateen activities for the groups that support it.