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About the Al-Anon Service Center of Tidewater

The Al-Anon Service Center of Tidewater, a local Not-for-Profit service, is an Al-Anon information service and literature distribution center:

"An Al‑Anon Information Service, also known as an Intergroup, is a local service established and maintained by one or more districts or by groups located close enough to one another for easy access and communication."

Al-Anon Service Manual, P24/P27

The Al-Anon Service Center of Tidewater provides the following services:

  • Provides literature to Al-Anon groups in Hampton Roads and the Peninsula

  • Maintains a listing in the local telephone directory, providing a telephone number for those seeking information about Al‑Anon and Alateen.

  • Maintains an office address for listing with the World Service Office. In this way, potential members may be referred without revealing the name, address, or telephone number of any Al‑Anon/Alateen member or individual.

  • Receives mail and phone inquiries and forwards them to the appropriate group for response or follow-up.

  • In cooperation with the Area Group Records Coordinator, updates, publishes, and distributes lists of group meetings for WSO purposes.

  • Plans and conducts program-exchange meetings where the groupsí Chairpersons or Program Chairpersons exchange teams of speakers for a scheduled period.

  • Serves as an avenue for local Public Outreach [Public Information (PI), Cooperating with the Professional Community (CPC), and Institutions] work, which is channeled through the districts whenever possible

  • Maintains a stock of Conference Approved Literature (CAL), and is registered with the WSO as a Literature Distribution Center (LDC) for CAL.

  • Holds periodic meetings attended by all the Information Service Representatives where activity reports, including a financial update, are made and matters regarding the groups are discussed. Individual group problems are discussed in light of the Twelve Traditions, remembering to offer experience as opposed to advice.

  • Distributes its own list of local Al‑Anon/ Alateen activities for the groups that support it.

Any local Al‑Anon or Alateen group may agree to support an Information Service, but joining is purely voluntary. To find out how you or your group can volunteer at the Al-Anon Service Center of Tidewater, order literature through us, or otherwise support our efforts to serve local Al-Anon/Alateen groups, please contact us.